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Kas di Laman Curaçao

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Below some fun things to go see and do. Also, check the information brochure in your apartment where we share our best kept local secrets. Easily book a wellness retreat at The Space. Or a top quality tour here. We have partnered up with Curacao Activities who has over 13 years experience and works with the best local experts. Make sure to enter promo code: KASLAMAN when you book a tour online and get a chance to win a refund of your tour for one person in Curacao Activities' weekly raffle!

Discover our Neighbourhood

Stroll through the streets near the hotel and discover the beautiful murals in Ser'i Otrobanda. 

Kaya Kaya is a community building tool which focusses on the clean up & beautification of Ser'i Otrobanda.

Contact us and we will provide you with the most beautiful locations that are within walking distance. Take the most stunning photos with these colorful walls. 


Health and Wellness center is located right beside KAS DI LAMAN.

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To awaken your body's innate healing potential and to connect you with your inner space.
Join us for daily Yoga + meditation classes, therapeutic massages, bodywork treatment and other integrative healing therapies."


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Queen Emma Bridge/Pontoon Bridge

Built in 1888, and named after Dutch Queen Emma (1890–1898), this bridge connects the Punda and Otrobanda districts. 16 floating pontoon boats support the “Pontoon Bridge.” Also known as the “Swinging Old Lady,” it swings open using two powerful ship motors, allowing ships to access the port. When the bridge is open to let ships from the harbour pass, pedestrians are transported free of charge by the 'ponchi', a small ferry. Also only a 10 minute walk away. 

TIP! At night the bridge is beautifully illuminated.

The Rif Fort

Once housing 56 cannons inside its 1.5 meter thick coral walls, the Rif Fort was originally constructed in the 19th century to protect the island from enemies.Today the Fort has been redeveloped, bringing new life to the legendary historical attraction. This Unesco World Heritage site offers nightly entertainment from Thursday to Saturday. Take time to visit the lovely boutiques, restaurants, and unique souvenir shops located within the walls. Experience the entertainment that heats up the night at a variety of outdoor bars and terraces. Where cannon fire was once heard, music now plays.

A 10 minute walk. 

TIP: Don't miss Friday's Happy Hour. Live music starting at 8pm.

The famous 'Handelskade'

Even if you've never been to Curacao, you have likely seen the colorful postcard-perfect section of Handelskade perched along the Santa Anna Bay. This world UNESCO historic site with its colorful buildings is a vibrant reminder of Curaçao's Dutch heritage. Only a 10 minute walk from Kas di Laman Apartments. 

TIP! Watch the huge container ships come in to the St. Anna Bay while having a cup of coffee or a refreshing cold beer at Iguana Café. 

Happy Hour: Monday - Saturday from 6pm-8pm.

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Christoffel Park

A trip to Curaçao isn't complete without a visit to the largest national park on the island. Christoffel Park stretches out over an area of 2300ha providing a safe environment for a large number of rare species of flora and fauna. Two scenic paved car routes traverse this rough area where the vegetation is specially adapted to this harsh climate. In addition to natural wonders, there are numerous historical and archaeological finds scattered around the park. In total there are eight hiking trails varying from easy strolls to more challenging hikes such as the path to the 375m-high summit of Mt. Christoffel. 

TIP: Make sure you get an early start.

Curaçao beaches

The island has about 38 beaches.The majority of the island's beaches are located on the south coast where the waters are calm compared to the rough surf of the Atlantic Ocean on the northern shores. Although all of the beaches on Curaçao share the same crystalline blue waters and smooth white sand, each one has its own unique appeal and characteristics. 

TIP: Don't miss Cas Abao beach, Playa Porto Mari, Playa Kenepa, Daaibooi beach, Kokomo Beach, the tug boat at Baya beach and Playa Piskado to spot and swim with sea turtles. 

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