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Experience the Best of Curacao at Kas di Laman - Central Vacation Rentals in Otrobanda Willemstad, Near Beaches, Murals, Pontoon Bridge and More

Discover the heart of Curacao and book your stay at Kas di Laman, a vacation rental located in the vibrant neighborhood of Otrobanda in Willemstad. Our central location puts you just minutes away from the best attractions the island has to offer, from the stunning beaches of the East and West sides to the colorful streets and murals of Otrobanda.

Explore the rich history and culture of the island as you take a stroll through the streets, admiring the famous colored houses by the water and the beautiful murals that adorn the neighborhood. Take a short walk to the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge and experience the awe-inspiring sight of the bridge opening to allow ships to pass through. Visit the nearby Kura Hulanda Museum, Rif Fort, City Beach, Pietermaai Area, and the Pirate Bay Beach. With Kas di Laman as your base, you'll have everything you need for an unforgettable vacation in Curacao. Book your stay today and be a part of the vibrant neighborhood of Otrobanda.

History of Otrobanda

In 1988, the government declared the area a historic monument, and it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.  As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Otrobanda is home to stunning historical landmarks, galleries, and museums that showcase the vibrant history and artistic heritage of the area. But Otrobanda isn't just a destination for history buffs, this neighborhood has been transformed by the passion of artists and volunteers into a vibrant art center with dozens of murals, sculptures, and art installations.

Experience the warm and friendly atmosphere of Otrobanda, where the streets are adorned with colorful murals and the locals are always happy to strike up a conversation. With Kas di Laman as your base, you'll be perfectly situated to explore the best of Otrobanda's art and history, while enjoying the comfort and luxury of our vacation rentals. Don't miss your chance to discover the soul of Curacao and book your stay at Kas di Laman today!"

Discover the Vibrant Murals of Otrobanda

Experience the vibrant colors and striking imagery of Otrobanda's stunning murals, just a short walk away from Kas di Laman. The murals of Otrobanda are more than just a visual spectacle, they are a celebration of the community's history and culture, brought to life through the creativity of local artists.

Take a walk down Van Lennepstreet and discover the colorful steps, a popular spot for photography and a great view of the pontoon bridge. Or head to the passage between Quintastraat & Cornelis Dirkswegh, where you'll find a stunning collection of murals that line the streets. Each mural tells a unique story, capturing the spirit of Otrobanda and the people who call it home.

The murals in Otrobanda are not just a sight to see but also a way to connect with the community and it's culture. They are a true representation of the community's spirit and creativity. Take a stroll and let the murals transport you to another world.

Experience the beauty of Otrobanda's murals and book your stay at Kas di Laman today.

Gekleurde trap Otrobanda Curacao
Gekleurde trap Otrobanda Curacao


Kas di Laman is very centrally located:

  • 30 minutes drive to East and West side beaches
  • Located 500m from the center of Willemstad. Supermarket, many stores, restaurants & bars
  • 800m to famous Queen Emma (pontoon) bridge
  • Short walking distance to Kura Hulanda Museum, Rif Fort, City Beach and Pietermaai Area and the
  • beautiful murals in Otrobanda
  • Nearest beach, Pirate Bay, only 7 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bike.

Hoogstraat 26-37
Ser'i Otrobanda